Bern Kosek - Creative Nurturing Nature Nanny


I have worked with children in a number of capacities for most of my life. As a teenager I had an extensive babysitting service with my sisters, which kept us booked most weekends.  As a teenage Boy Scout I was a lifeguard and counselor at Scout and Church Camp. I worked in an infant day care, which was fun.

I taught skiing to 3-7 year olds in a resort town in Colorado. While teaching children skiing I got a reputation for working well with children with different mobility and attention challenges. I found it exciting to explore the different ways to connect and communicate the idea of something as physical as skiing. 

My parenting philosophy includes allowing exploration with supervision.  For instance, if a child asks the question, "Will this grow,” I would answer, "Let’s see what happens when we plant the seeds from the food we just ate, no not in the dog’s dish." This comes from my own childhood. My three siblings and I grew up in a nurtured home where we were talked and sung to, played with and encouraged to explore on our own by both parents.


An avid reader I find little use for television. My own preference is for children to read or be read to.  I know that there is a lot of language that small children have yet to grasp but I feel that if I am able to read to them that interaction will encourage word appreciation if not recognition.


The kitchen is a place I am very comfortable in.  I enjoy experimenting with new recipe ideas and learning about special diets. It is fun to involve others including children in the choices and preparation. Cooking with children can be a lesson that we can eat! 


 I am a backpacker, swimmer and cyclist. Astronomy is of great interest I have volunteered with an astronomy team that presented programs to the public.  I sing with Amandla Chorus. Volunteer with Center for Wooden Boats - Seattle Washington. Volunteer Heart & Hammers.

Member International Nanny Association.  


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