Bern Kosek - Creative Nurturing Nature Nanny and Parent Coach

I have decades of caring for children, and interacting with parents.

In that time I have paid significant attention to children, what seems to be working and not and the whys of these.


I have male presence, balanced masculinity, valuation of all genders and lifestyles to model and provide example.


I am comfortable taking children into nature that I find everywhere.


I have studied Nonviolent Communications.


I have studied Child development in a non-traditional perspective. This from Aware Parent, AlfieKohn, Waldorfian, Louv (Last-Child in the Woods) approach.


I have an incredible gift to intuit what the child needs and address that.


 I specialize in

  •  Working with children who have diverse physical and emotional needs.
  •  Providing safe and nurturing structure to all care giving.
  •  Introducing and furthering children's educational interests especially in the field of science and outdoor learning.
  •  Assisting children in developing spatial and body-centered skills for greater self-confidence
  •  Helping children to learn and utilize inner calming skills.
  •  Increasing communication skills. Knowledge of signing for infants and toddlers.
  •  Helping children learn the art of creative design projects by providing child-directed learning and exploration of the arts.
  •  Recognizing and sharing with parents things that may improve the communication and or relationship with the child.

I taught skiing to 3-7 year olds in a resort town in Colorado. While teaching children skiing I got a reputation for working well with children with different mobility and attention challenges. I found it exciting to explore the different ways to connect and communicate the idea of something as physical as skiing. 

An avid reader I find little use for television. My own preference is for children to read or be read to.  I know that there is a lot of language that small children have yet to grasp but I feel that if I am able to read to them that interaction will encourage word appreciation if not recognition.


The kitchen is a place I am very comfortable in.  I enjoy experimenting with new recipe ideas and learning about special diets. It is fun to involve others including children in the choices and preparation. Cooking with children can be a lesson that we can eat! 


 I am a backpacker, swimmer and cyclist. Astronomy is of great interest I have volunteered with an astronomy team that presented programs to the public.  I sing with Amandla Chorus. Volunteer with Center for Wooden Boats - Seattle Washington. Volunteer Heart & Hammers.

Member International Nanny Association.  



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