- One child’s Psychologist

“Zen master Child Confidence Booster with a backpack.”

- A mom

“I was startled at his rate, but when I observed the balance with the child I thought he was a bargain.”


Mother of 5
Bern is a natural encourager. He will often notice minute details or qualities that others usually miss. He then articulates his discoveries in such a way as to build up those around him.

I believe my children were comfortable with him in our house because he did not judge them or their ideas. He always treated them with respect and regard.


Before the twins were born, Bern spent time with our son and won his affection immediately.  He is patient and kind when dealing with our spirited boy.  He takes the time to not only let Samuel “help” in projects, but to explain what they are doing in ways that are easy to understand.  Samuel always asks if Bern is coming!  When the girls came, we got to see how easy Bern is with little babies.  He was never awkward or uncomfortable holding them, even though they were tiny little premies.  He continues to be very peaceful with them, and it is reflected in how comfortable they are with him.  He wipes spit up without a second thought, holds and soothes them when they are fussy, lulls them to sleep.  He stays calm even with two screaming! 


We enthusiastically recommend Bern.

He is an excellent role model and care giver for our two sons, ages 4 and 8. Bern plans thoughtful activities for the boys, such as building balsa wood boats, planes and simple kites-then brings then out to test their creations. In addition he prepares healthy meals and snacks.

Most importantly he is calm, patient and has a strong moral compass.

A former teacher of my charge often saw us at the playground during the summer. At the end of summer he came to me and said. 

“Bern, L seems very happy this summer and I think that is a good thing. He was in my class and I know how he struggled with being in class and our need for him to be still physically and verbally.  It is nice that he can now express himself in ways that he wants. It is also very nice that you listen to him, coach and assist when needed. I see you with him and you give him lots of room to be himself but are right there when adjustment and corrections need to be made. And he respects you during all of this. 

You have done wonderful things for him and I am glad for that. “



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